Pro Sharpening Supply Premium Made in USA Buffing Compound 5 Pack

  • $17.99

5 Pack of Premium Made in USA Buffing Compound

White Compound - Our Specially formulated, White Buffing Compound offers premium performance and a fast cut on a variety of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials. The cutting properties of the White Compound make it an ideal option for the final burr removal or Heavy Polishing to remove rust or scaling. 

GREEN Compound - Our Green Compound is less abrasive than our White Compound. Green Compound is formulated to polish to a high luster, without removing material. It will still remove weak bits of burr and further refine the edge of a blade. It will also leave a superior cosmetic finish and is more forgiving on softer metals.

Our Compound can be used with any powered polishing accessory, like leather Belts or cotton and sisal wheels.  

Super Strop Buffing Compound is proudly Made in the USA!!
If you are staging your compounds, use White then Green Compound for a Razor Sharp Finish

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