Band Saw Blades - Made in USA

Pro Sharpening Supply Hardened Carbon Steel Flex Back with Hook Tooth Design Band Saw Blades are Made in the USA with American Sourced Materials. Made in America with American Sourced Material. The Tensile Strength of each blade's weld is tested before the blade is shipped to ensure the blade is ready to work as hard as you do. We guarantee all of our Band Saw Blades from Manufacturer Defects. Our Flex-Back Carbon Steel Blades are made from carbon steel with a flexible back that is suitable for absorbing contour cutting stresses. Heat-treated teeth help retain their sharp edge. An extremely hard cutting edge produces a top-quality finish. Our Flex-back blades offer excellent fatigue resistance, equating to longer blade life when used at high operating speed rates. Along with a hook tooth design that provides wider spaced teeth and typically features a 10° rake angle for aggressive cuts in hard or more difficult to cut woods.

Some general things to remember when selecting your TPI (teeth per inch) for band saw blade types:

1) At least three teeth per inch should remain in the workpiece.

2) The more teeth per inch you have, the smoother your cut will be and the slower it will take to perform.

3) The fewer teeth per inch, the faster and rougher cut you’ll receive.

Some general things to remember when selecting the Width for band saw blade types:

1) Smaller width blades are used for smaller radius cuts, while larger width blades are most often reserved for resawing or near straight line cuts.

2) Choose the widest blade possible based on the cuts you will be making.

3) When cutting curves the width of the blade will determine the smallest radius that may be cut