Knife & Scissor Sharpening Services

Professional Sharpening Services in Bastrop, TX

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Convex Edge Beauty Shear Sharpening - $30

We currently offer Sharpening for Beauty & Grooming Shears by mail, by appointment and Drop Off. See our Drop Off Schedule Below.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment to have your convex edge shears sharpened while you wait, please CLICK HERE!

If you'd like to mail in your shears for sharpening, please CLICK HEREThe PDF sharpening form will open and you can print, fill out the form and mail your shears.

All Convex Edge Shears are Sharpened on the Industry Standard Hira-To Flat Hone. 

Bevel Edge Shear Sharpening - Starting at $5

We currently offer Bevel Edge Shear Sharpening by Mail and Drop Off. See our Drop Off Schedule below. There is a minimum of 5 Shears for Mail in Sharpening. There is no minimum for Drop off Sharpening. 

Standard Sharpening Fees for different shears 

Beveled Edge Barber or Grooming Shears - $20

Small Home or Craft Scissors - $5

Medium Home or Craft Scissors - $7

Large or Industrial Shears - $8

Repair Fee -  $3   (If your shears are not currently working properly or have chips or nicks, there is a flat 3.00 repair fee added to the Standard Sharpening Fee)

Corrugation Fee - Starts at $3 for Small Shears

Knives - Starting at $4

We Currently offer Knife Sharpening by Drop Off only. If you're a restaurant looking for sharpening please call us for our bulk sharpening prices. 

Blades under 6 in. - $4

Blades from 6-10 in. - $5

Large/Specialty Knife - $10

Blades over 10 in. - $1.25 per inch (No Swords)

Drop Off Schedule

We are available for Drop off sharpening Services during the Following times. Most Drop Off Sharpening Services are ready for pick up the Next Business Day after 12 PM.

Monday - Thursday 9 AM - 3 PM

Friday 9 AM - 12 PM