8 inch (3/4' Width) Leather Honing Wheel Fits 6 in. & 8 in. Bench Grinders and Polishers

  • $76.99

8 in. (3/4" Width) Leather Honing Wheel Fits most 6 in. & 8 in. Bench Grinders and Polishers

  • The Super Strop 8" Leather Honing Wheel is one the fastest burr removal and polishing methods available. Made in USA and includes an Unconditional Warranty.
  • Super Strop’s 8 inch Diameter design results in a faster spinning wheel and offers more Clearance from the body of a 6 inch grinder for larger knives and blades. Guaranteed to fit your 6 in. or 8 in. grinder or your money back.
  • The stacked leather is anchored to the bushing, resulting in less glue and a lighter weight wheel that runs smoothly with very little vibration and better contact along the stropping surface. This also allows you to easily dress the wheel to your needs.
  • The Stropping / Honing surface is also a bit more flexible and responsive, allowing you to feel the range of pressure better.
  • The unglued space between the layers of leather allow for airflow and result in a much cooler running wheel, meaning you can make more passes in less time without overheating the blade.
  • Super Strop leather wheels come equipped with a precision Injection Molded Bushing to allow installation on the 3 common arbors. 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4"

While the Super Strop Leather Honing and Stropping Wheel is made like other leather wheels in some ways, there are a few things that set this wheel apart. Pro Sharpening Supply's Super Strop Leather Honing is designed to fit on 6 inch or 8 inch Bench grinders and Polishers. The Leather Honing Wheel has a diameter of 8 in. to add a little more speed to the leather wheel. Super Strop Leather Honing Wheels are great as the last step in sharpening or maintaining an edge in between sharpening. The leather honing wheel is great for Knives and Chisels but can be used on nearly any kind of blade or edge. Your leather honing wheel is easy to install and use. Remember that sharpening and using power tools can be dangerous and you should use caution and stay aware at all times.

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