Wolff Ergonomix Scissors / Shears Made in USA for Industrial, Fabric, Upholstery, Workrooms - Choose Your Length, Color, and Style

  • $34.99

Wolff® Ergonomix Professional Scissors and Shears - Made in USA

Extremely Comfortable, Ergonomic Handles. The handles are Hard Polypropylene and chemically bonded to Prevent growth of Bacteria and Detritus

Polished Blades can easily be Sharpened and the Razor Sharp Edges will Last much longer than Comparable Scissors

Made in the USA by Wolff Industries, known for decades as the Scissor and Sharpening Experts

Choose Your Color and Style. All of these scissors are designed to cut Industrial Fabrics, Denim, Upholstery, Curtains, Pillow Cases, all types of Meat including Poultry, Plastic, and Much More. These shears are ideal as general purpose, industrial, or kitchen scissors.

Please note that the black handle shear is Left Handed


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