KAI YF-1035 Harvest Shears Premium Garden Pruners

  • $34.99


Cut many types of materials with the KAI YF1035 9" Harvest Scissors. The fine stainless steel blades provide long edge life and high cutting efficiency. The blades are removable for easy cleaning and sharpening. Adjust how far open the spring pushes the blades for precise cutting. The handle locks ensure the blades stay closed during transportation and storage.
The YF1035 9" harvest scissors are a versatile straight trimmer in your garden, home, business, factory, or workroom. It serves many industries focused on quality, comfort, and performance. The sharp polished edges of these scissors make quick, clean and precise cuts.

Designed in collaboration with Japanese farmers, the KAI YF1035 harvesting shears have many small details that make this a premier harvesting shear.

Ribbed handle for grip
Double purpose ring for storage and locking the shear
Adjustable blade opening to reduce hand fatigue
Spring for assisted opening
Thin blades to reduce damage to foods
Removable blade for cleaning and easy sharpening

*Made in the new KAI China factory!  Same great product, same great Japanese steel!

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