2X72 Norton Norax U243 Engineered Abrasive Belts 5 Pack

2X72 Norton Norax U243 Engineered Abrasive Belts 5 Pack

  • $59.99

5 Packs - Tri-Helical Pattern on J Weight backing Premium Micron Rated Finishing Belts

NORaX is an engineered 3-dimensional coated abrasive product that offers high performance in finish, cut and consistency. With special pattern technology, NORaX can offer the optimal product for a wide variety of applications to increase productivity, quality and repeatability, while reducing cost, scrap and inventory.

Longer life, higher quality finishes, faster cut rates, and the ability to skip finishing steps, drive costs out of your finishing processes.

  • New, fine 3D tri-helical pattern
  • Engineered, high-performance microngraded aluminum oxide abrasive
  • Heat-reducing grinding aid
  • New, very flexible J-wt. backing
  • The pattern wears away consistently, exposing sharp abrasive grains to prolong cutting performance, lasting 2-5 X longer, with faster cut rate and consistency vs. conventional polishing belts
  • Quickly removes grit scratches, part defects, and steps from your polishing process
  • Prevents wild scratches; produces a more repeatable consistent finish from the first to the last part
  • Cooler cutting, ensures exceptional part integrity
  • Conforms to intricate part contours

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