Knife Sharpening Services


You can drop off your Knives and Blades anytime Monday through Thursday from 9-4 and Fridays from 9-3pm. We also do mobile sharpening for both restaurants and residences. You can learn more and schedule an appointment HERE.

Our Professional Knife sharpening service takes every aspect of your blade into consideration when sharpening. Whether it's your Kitchen Knives, Hunting Knives, Fillet Knives, pocket knives or blades of any kind, we can sharpen and restore a knife to cut and, in some cases, look like a brand new knife.

All folding pocket knives will be lightly cleaned and our dry lubricant applied to the hinge. We can also do light restoration and rust removal.

Whether it's a single knife you need sharpened, or sharpening for a restaurant, you can count on Pro Sharpening Supply to be there when you need your knives sharpened.


Depending on the type of knife and edge you have, we have a few options to achieve that razor sharp, long lasting knife edge. Most knives are sharpened on a Variable Speed Katoku Knife Sharpening Machine. With this knife sharpening machine a progressive grit sharpening method is used. Your knife will also be stropped with our Very Own Super Strop Leather Honing Belts that we make right here in Bastrop, Texas. We also Sharpen our commercial cutlery for our Knife Exchange Program on a German Made Water Cooled Freiderich Dick SM-111. We also offer hand Wet Stone Sharpening. Use the form below to contact us or call 512-520-2764 with any questions

For information on our Other Sharpening Services, CLICK HERE.