SUPER STROP Premium Leather Honing Belts

Super Strop Premium Leather honing belts are Proudly made in Texas, USA

Our Premium Leather Stropping Belts are made from high quality, durable, middle weight leather hides. Super Strops have been extensively tested for durability and performance. Stropping a blade's edge adds an extra level of "refinement". A leather Super Strop, when used properly, will remove the final minute particles of the Burr or "wire edge" created in the initial stages of sharpening. Stropping with leather is a near ancient practice. Adding the mechanical action of a belt sander to stropping is the next generation of sharpening. Stropping with a Super Strop takes a fraction of the time needed to achieve the same results with Hand Stropping.


The white buffing compound included with every SUPER STROP is specially formulated and produced in the USA! The Buffing Compound is specially formulated for a Powered Strop. Unlike some other compounds, ours is firmer and applies slowly to reduce tossing and avoid building up too quickly.
If you are applying compound to a new leather Super Strop, it may appear that little or no compound has been applied. Test this by stropping your edge, if you see the belt is turning gray or black, this means compound is present and working. As you use your Super Strop Leather Honing Belt, compound will build up and turn the belt black. It's at this point, your leather belt will perform the most efficiently.


SUPER STROP Premium Leather Honing Belts are guaranteed against manufacturer defects, material defects & User Error. If your Leather Honing Belt overstretches, won't track straight, breaks or you accidentally or purposely cut the belt, we'll send an immediate replacement or give you a full refund. Contact Us  Leather is a natural product and can be unpredictable to work with, therefore we guarantee our leather honing belts from any imaginable defect. If you have questions about using your SUPER STROP Leather Honing Belt Visit our Videos Page for Instructions!