2X72 Abrasive Sanding Belts - Premium Quality 2X72 belts for Grinding, Sharpening, Polishing & More!

2X72 Abrasive Sanding Belts


2X72 Belts - Norton Blaze R980p premium Ceramic Alumina | RUGGED DURABILITY AND CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY | Y-weight polyester waterproof cloth backing provides edge-fray resistance and excellent body retention during use for more consistent grinding throughout belt life. Durable resin bond system significantly improved belt life due to better grain adhesion. Advanced “supersize” grinding lubricant for cooler cutting during the life of the belt.

2X72 Belts - Scalloped Edge | The Scalloped Edge 1X72 & 2X72 Sanding Belts are an ideal addition to any knife maker's arsenal of sanding, grinding and finishing belts. Available in 120, 220, 320, 400 and 600 grit. You'll find the exact belt you need to achieve professional results on your next project. Aluminum oxide grain material can be used on both ferrous and non ferrous metals along with wood, plastics, layered resin materials (Phenolic) Like micarta and g10.

2X72 Belts - Purple Bora 7 Ceramic | Contains our Purple Bora 7 Ceramic 2X72 Grinding Belts. This ceramic grain material runs cool and lasts longer than silicon carbide and aluminum oxide. A premium sanding belt ideal for hogging and high quality finishes

2X72 Belts - Klingspor on J Flex | A perfect addition to your 2x72 belt collection. Highly flexible backing makes the Klingspor LS312JF ideal knife makers finishing the contours of a blade or ergonomic handle. 2X72 LS312 are yellow abrasives made of aluminum oxide with highly flexible J-flex backing, which makes it very useful for severely contoured workpieces. LS 312 is best suited for stainless steel and high alloy steels, but can also be used on other ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and woods.

2X72 Belts - Blue Micron Ultra Fine | 2X72 Ultra fine sanding belts have a cushioned "scrim" back and is constructed on an ultra flexible mylar backing allowing the belt to conform to contours and evenly polish your blade or handle.

2X72 Belts - Orange Ceramic 2X72 Ceramic Sanding Belts in coarse grits. Our 2X72 Ceramic Coarse Orange belts offer a long lasting, efficient and consistent cut rate. Making this 2x72 belt a great choice for any general purpose grinding project.