1X42 in. Leather Honing Belt SUPER STROP + 15 Pack Sanding Belt Assortment

1X42 in. Leather Honing Belt SUPER STROP + 15 Pack Sanding Belt Assortment

  • $50.99

1X42 SUPER STROP Leather Honing Belt + 15 Pack Sharpening Belt Assortment 600, 800, 1000 Grit Silicon Carbide


The Super Strop is a Premium Leather Stropping Belt designed for powered belt sanders.

  • The 1X42 Super Strop is designed to run on almost every 1x30 Belt Sander. This Leather Honing Belt will take your knife's edge from SHARP to SCARY SHARP!
  • A perfect kit for sharpening and maintaining knife edges. 5 Each of 600 grit, 800 grit & 1000 Grit Silicon Carbide.
  • Sanding Belts can be used for Wet or dry applications | Ideal for knife sharpening, glass, stone, ceramics, porcelain, cement, paint & finish, tile, solid surface, leather, plastic, rubber, bronze, brass, and polishing of titanium or stainless sheet metal Silicon carbide grain | Heavy duty Y-weight polyester cloth backing
  • Buffing compound and brief instructions included. Buffing compound is an ultra fine abrasive that is applied to the Leather Stropping Belt. The buffing compound will help to refine the edge of your knife, removing very small fragments of the Burr or Wire Edge. Removing these fragments can extend the life of the edge.
  • Belts are made slightly short and may require stretching to be installed. If you believe your belt is too small, Contact us today!
  • Made from Premium Quality Leather. Each one of our Leather Belts is guaranteed to not break!
Get professional looking, mirror polished edges that don't just look great, but are ready to work!
Satisfaction Guaranteed | 30 Day Free Returns. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply return with free shipping within 30 Days

The 1x42 SUPER STROP can be used on nearly any edge for maintenance or as a final stage in sharpening to get that razor sharp edge! Stropping with leather is centuries old and still as effective today as it has ever been. We've added to speed to the stropping process! The SUPER STROP is designed fro use with powered belt sanders. The 1"x42" SUPER STROP will give you a shaving sharp edge!

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