1X42 Abrasive Belts

Pro Sharpening Supply 1X42 Abrasive Belts for Sharpening, Sanding & Grinding

We offer a number of materials and grits in 1X42 inch sharpening and sanding belts. Many of our 1x42 Belts can be used for general purpose sanding on a number of materials. All of the available 1X42 Sanding & Sharpening Belts fit all Popular 1X42 Belt Sanders.

Norton Blaze R980P Premium Ceramic 1X42 Belts

The power of Norton Blaze is now available in 1X42 sharpening belts. Blaze R980P coarse grit cloth narrow benchstand belts are engineered with a Norton SG next-generation, ceramic alumina grain to deliver cooler cutting, improved metal integrity, and 50 to 200 percent longer life on cobalt, chrome, Inconel and titanium, as well as on mild, carbon and stainless steel. Featuring a durable, waterproof, Y-weight polyester cloth backing, these belts provide better grain adhesion with reduced edge-fray and better body retention for superior product consistency and longer life. Pair them with your bench grinders to perform coarse grit stock-removal work with excellent results.

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide is considered the industry standard for sharpening belts. Our industrial grade 1X42 Sanding & Sharpening Belts are made from the material used in larger applications. You get professional quality sharpening results with our professional quality 1x42 sharpening belts. Silicon carbide offers a fast and efficient cut. This means silicon carbide will do more work in less time. Avoiding excessive prolonged heating while sharpening. Silicon Carbide grain sharpening belts will also keep a more consistent cut than aluminum oxide. A 220 grit silicon carbide sharpening belt will maintain it's 220 grit cutting power until the material is depleted. Cleaning your sharpening belts will help achieve this extended cutting power.

Flex Gel Ceramic on J weight

1X42 Flex Gel Ceramic Grain sharpening sanding belts offers a flexible backing with the strength and longevity of ceramic grain belts. Flex Gel Ceramic 1x42 Belts are for contour sanding and sharpening a convex edge.