Wolff® Twice as Sharp and Ookami Gold Scissor and Shear Clamps

  • $69.99

Wolff® Scissor Clamps for TAS and Ookami Gold Sharpening Machines

Premium Scissor ClampsFor the Wolff Twice As Sharp and Ookami Sharpening Systems.

Available in narrow, regular, and wide.

Depending on the type of scissor you are sharpening, the right clamp can make a big difference. All clamps are interchangeable and will fit all models of the Wolff Twice as Sharp and Ookami Gold Professional Scissor Sharpening Systems. All clamps are made of stainless steel and feature an indicator that shows exactly what angle you are using to sharpen and hone scissors (from 5 to 55)

The Twice as Sharp clamps work best for sharpening a variety of Scissors and Shears:

30003 - Wide Clamp - This clamp is great for larger industrial scissors. The wide grip provides more stability for Sharpening and Honing larger scissors such as those used for poultry production, curtain making, upholstery, and more.

30004 - Standard Clamp - This is the clamp that comes with the Twice as Sharp machine. It's a great general purpose clamp that works great for a variety of beveled scissors including industrial and fabric scissors.

30006 - Ergo Wide Clamp - The same clamp as the 30003, but with an ergonomic handle. Great for shears that are 10-14 inches, it features a bulb type grip that is both very comfortable and requires less pressure to tighten. Anyone who is sharpening a high volume of heavy duty scissors may want to get consider adding this clamp for the Twice as Sharp machine.

30007 - Ergo Standard Clamp - Same clamp as the 30004 standard clamp, but with an ergonomic handle. This is great for high volume scissor sharpening as the bulb is more comfortable and requires less pressure to open and close. 

30008 - Ergo Narrow Clamp - Good choice for sharpeners and operations who are sharpening medical, surgical, embroidery, and small scissors. The narrow jaws make it possible to get smaller scissors into the clamp while still giving the scissor edge enough exposure to the wheels. We recommend the Ergo clamp for small scissors as it applies less pressure while clamping.

30009 - Convexing Clamp - For use with the Ookami Gold Sharpening System to sharpen and hone convexed beauty and grooming shears. This is a clamp for professional shear sharpeners to be able to create semi and fully convexed edges on high end shears. It does not limit the sharpener to a single angle, and can be rotated to incrementally increase the angle. 

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