Wolff® Sharpening and Honing Wheels for the Twice as Sharp and Ookami Gold Scissor Sharpening Systems

  • $29.99

Wolff® Professional Sharpening and Honing Wheels

Premium Sharpening and Honing Wheels For the Wolff Twice As Sharp and Ookami Sharpening Systems.

Whether you are a professional Shear and Scissor sharpener, or you just have a Twice as Sharp machine that you use in your shop, we have the wheels that you need to get the job done properly. 

27000 - Standard Sharpening Wheel - This is your work horse wheel that will remove metal to get your scissor sharp. It's an Aluminum Oxide, 100 grit wheel that will break down as you sharpen (reducing the heat on your edge!). Great for repairing nicks, reestablishing an angle, and creating the initial burr on both scissor edges.

25200 - Professional Honing Wheel - The professional honing wheel is a fine (approximately 400 grit) wheel for honing and polishing. Perfect for high end fabric shears as well as beveled beauty and grooming shears. It will leave a smooth, polished edge that is extremely sharp and sturdy.

25280 - Industrial Honing Wheel - This wheel is great for facilities that need sharp scissors fast. It is approximately 350 grit, so it leaves a bit more of a "toothy" edge that can cut harder materials. This is the wheel for high volume scissor sharpening in industrial settings. Many materials can cut better with this edge, but it may need to be honed a bit more often.

25100 - Ookami Gold Polishing Wheel - For shear edges that need a high degree of polish, this wheel works well in conjunction with the Ookami Polishing Paste. We include the paste free with purchase of the wheel. The wheel can be used with the Twice as Sharp, but is more commonly used to sharpen high end beauty and grooming shears on the Ookami Gold Sharpening System.


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