Wolff® Black 6.5" Shears with Sarlink® Handles

  • $20.99

Wolff USA 6165 Trimmer Shear Made in the USA!

These industrial quality Garden Scissors are perfect for any indoor or outdoor growing operation or harvest facility. The thin blades and razor sharp edges allow for precision cuts that are very clean. The Stainless Steel blades are easy to clean and sanitize. The Wolff plant scissors can be sharpened to cut like new dozens of times. These garden shears will outlast and outperform any other brand on the market.

The #6165 is a Wolff Industries manufactured large ring straight trimmer that is great for trimming flash. They have soft, unbreakable Sarlink handles and a professionally honed cutting edge. These trimmers have large finger rings that make them easy to use with gloved hands. The overall length is 6 ½” with a cut length of 1 5/8”.

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