Wheel Sharp Paper Wheel Knife & Tool Sharpening Kit Complete 8 in Premium Wheel kit Fits 6 in Bench Grinders

  • $89.99

Wheel Sharp 8 in. Paper Wheel Knife Sharpening System for 6 in. Grinders Made in USA Complete Sharpening Kit

  • WHEEL SHARP PAPER WHEEL SHARPENING SYSTEM IS FOR KNIVES, CHISELS, BLADES & More! | 8 in. Sharpening Wheel & Polishing Wheel will fit many different 6 in. Bench and Pedestal Grinders. The universal arbor insert allows the sharpening and polishing wheel to run on 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" Arbors
  • RAZOR SHARP KNIVES IN LESS THAN A MINUTE | Don't just get your blades sharp, Get them SCARY SHARP! One of the fastest ways to get your knife sharp. This complete sharpening takes your knives from blunt, dull and dangerous and makes the edge like new again. Leaving a finely polished, professional looking edge. Few systems can sharpen a knife from start to finish with this quality.
  • SIMPLE 2 STEP SHARPENING PROCESS ON YOUR 6 IN. BENCH GRINDER | This simple two step sharpening system turns your bench grinder into a real Knife Sharpening Machine. The Gritted Paper Sharpening Wheel uses 220 grit silicon carbide abrasive grain to grind a new edge and create a burr.
  • WHEEL SHARP PAPER WHEEL KNIFE SHARPENING SYSTEM INCLUDES | 1- 8"x3/4" Paper Sharpening Wheel 1- 8"x3/4" Paper Polishing Wheel 1- Loose 220 Grit Silicon Carbide Grit Material 1- BeesWax Bar 1- Compound Bar & Instruction Manual
  • Wheel Sharp Paper Wheel Systems are unconditionally guaranteed by Pro Sharpening Supply.

WHEEL SHARP Knife Sharpening Kits are uniquely designed to turn almost any Bench or Pedestal Grinder into a serious Knife Sharpening Machine. The WHEEL SHARP Paper Wheels Sharpening Kit will get your knives razor sharp FAST! These wheels install on any standard 5" bench grinder or buffer. This system is perfect for people who want knives to be sharpened quickly and efficiently. The Wheel Sharp Paper Wheel Sharpening Kit is a complete Sharpening system that will turn your bench grinder into a sharpening machine right out of the box. The Paper Wheel Kit contains 2 wheels(1 Gritted paper Wheel, 1 slotted polishing honing paper wheel), Beeswax to lubricate and reduce heat on the gritted wheel, White Diamond Buffing compound, Loose 220 grit Silicone Carbide to re-grit the sharpening wheel and extend the life of the Paper Wheel Sharpening Kit. At least 15-20 knives can be sharpened on the grit wheel before it needs to be re-gritted. Real Bees Wax is included to provide lubrication for this wheel and keep it from overheating your edge. The slotted wheel can be dressed with the white diamond buffing compound that comes in the Sharpening Kit. The wheel will naturally turn black as it becomes coated in the compound. The White Diamond Buffing Compound will smooth and polish your edge while removing the final burr. This method has been proven to be very effective and fast over the years.

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