Super Strop 6 in Leather Honing Polishing Discs with White and Green Compound, 1 Rough Side, 1 Smooth Side Hook and Loop Disc with PSA to Hook Adaptor disc Plus Assorted Abrasives

  • $43.99

Includes 15 fine to very fine assorted hook and loop sanding sharpening discs. 5 each of our USA Converted, No Hole, micron rated precision abrasives discs in 600 grit ( 30 micron), 1200 grit (15 Micron) and 2000 grit ( 9 Micron)

-Great for sharpening any type of chisel or wood carving tools.

-Leather Polishing Discs are installed like any other sanding or polishing discs.

-Will fit disc sanders, combination sanders, lapidary machines, flat hones and more.

-Each pack of Leather discs contains 1 smooth side and 1 rough or suede side Leather Polishing Disc.

-Comes with White and green compound.

 -Any type of compound can be used with these leather polishing discs.

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