F. Dick RS-150 DUO Commercial Knife Sharpening Machine - Diamond & Ceramic Wheels

  • $949.99

This is a highly recommended machine from the legendary knife and sharpening company Friedr. Dick

Although it is possible to sharpen a knife completely with this machine, we recommend using a belt sander to thin the edge on most knives first. If the knife is reasonably sharp, the RS 150 can easily get it back to a razor sharp edge in less than a minute. Professional sharpeners, sharpening high volumes of knives, may choose to use a belt sander first.

Efficient Commercial Sharpening

The F. Dick RS-150 Duo is a practical sharpener for use in commercial environments. It is as easy as it is effective. Just two stations and no adjustments necessary. Turn it on and draw the knife through the preset wheels for fast, safe and reliable sharpening. Whether it is in a professional kitchen, butcher shop, super market or any other other food prep space, the RS-150 Duo will do the job.

Sharpen and Hone

The RS-150 Duo has two sets of wheels. The Diamond Grinding Wheels quickly establish an edge. The Hard Ceramic Honing Wheels refine the edge for smooth cutting. Whether you're sharpening a dull knife or keeping one in good cutting sharpness, The RS-150 Duo has you covered.

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