2X72 Knife Maker's Scalloped Edge Sanding Belts

  • $22.99

2X72 Knife Maker's Scalloped Edge Sanding Belts Extra Flexible Finishing Belts fit 2X72 Belt Sander Great for odd shapes and Knife Handle Contours

  • 3 packs of 2X72 Scalloped Edge Sanding belts are ideal for tight contours. The aluminum oxide grain on Flexible J weight cloth make this belt ideal for Knife makers
  • Durable Lubed Aluminum oxide grain material offers a consistent cut rate across different materials like brass steel and wood while offering excellent heat resistance
  • The Wavy or Scalloped edge 2x72 sanding belts are all about flexibility and are able to contour to your knife handle or any material with curves or contours
  • Converted in the USA and ready to run on any 2x72 belt grinder
  • Bi directional tape joint allows the belt to run in either direction.

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