#22 Meat Grinder Plate / Knife - Choose Your Knife & Grind Hole Size from Coarse to Fine- Cozzini Cutlery Imports

  • $29.99

Brand New #22 Replacement Meat Grinder Plate. A well-functioning grinding plate is crucial in the performance of your meat grinder. This Single Notch Reversible Hubless Meat Grinder Plate will increase the efficiency of your grinder. Making certain your Grinder Plate is sharp is as crucial as any other knife in your kitchen. A clean, consistent cut while grinding will improve the texture of the finished product. Perfect for beef, pork, venison and chicken.

This #22 grinding plate will fit these common machines. American E-122, E-222, Biro 22, 8-22, 9-22, Buffalo 41B, Butcher Boy TCA22, TM22, Chop Rite 310, Enterprise 422, 2522, 2622, 2722, General Slicing E, MC-100, Globe-Stimpson 422S, 2522, 5522, 5622, 5822, 6722, Hobart 622, 4222, 4322, 4722, 4822, Hollymatic 22S, 1200, Intedge C1H, C1HDS, Sanitary 200, 201, 1250, 1275, Toledo 5220, 5223, Torrey M-22,

  • Replacement Meat Grinder Plate for virtually any #22 Meat Grinder. Precision machined and tempered for hardness in the USA
  • Single Notch Reversible Hubless Meat Grinder Plate provides two sharpened sides to extend the life and value of this grinding plate
  • Works with electric and manual grinders.
  • Solid Drop Forge Steel Construction and Sharpened in the USA | Each Blade is inspected before sharpening to ensure the Meat Grinder Knife's quality.
    • (1/8") 3mm: Hamburger, bologna, hot dogs, jerky
    • (9/64") 3.5 mm: Hamburger, bologna, hot dogs, jerky & medium ground sausages
    • (3/16") 4.5mm: Coarse Hamburger, regular sausages (polish, german, breakfast) 
    • (1/4") 6mm: Coarse sausages, (summer, salami, pepperoni, snack stick) 
    • (3/8") 10mm: First grind, chili, chorizo, linguisa 


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