1X72 Silicon Carbide Sharpening & Sanding Belts for 2X72 Belt Sanders 6 Packs

  • $21.99

  • 1X72 Silicon Carbide belts are ideal for sharpening smaller blades on your 2X72 Belt Grinder.
  • Bi Directional butt joint. Industrial grade silicon carbide sanding sharpening belts
  • Converted in the USA
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Silicon Carbide is considered the industry standard for sharpening belts. Our industrial grade 1X72 Sanding & Sharpening Belts are made from the material used in larger applications. You get professional quality sharpening results with our professional quality 1x72 sharpening belts. Silicon carbide offers a fast and efficient cut. This means silicon carbide will do more work in less time. Avoiding excessive prolonged heating while sharpening. Silicon Carbide grain sharpening belts will also keep a more consistent cut than aluminum oxide. A 220 grit silicon carbide sharpening belt will maintain it's 220 grit cutting power until the material is depleted. Cleaning your sharpening belts will help achieve this extended cutting power.

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