1X72 Super Strop Leather Honing Belt with 4 Pack Knife Sharpening Belt Assortment White Buffing Compound Included

  • $48.99

  • 1X72 Leather Honing Stropping Plus 4 Pack Assorted Sharpening belt Kit. This package is a great introduction to get you sharpening on your 2X72 Belt Sander. Turn your belt sander into a knife sharpener today. MADE IN USA!!
  • 120, 220, 600 Grit & 1000 Grit Silicon Carbide Sharpening Belts | High Grit Silicon carbide abrasive belts are an industry standard for sharpening because of the grain's consistent and fast cutting properties. The silicon carbide grain of the 120, 220, 600 & 1000 grit sharpening belts offers consistent sharpening results.
  • Leather belt sharpening kit includes our Super Strop White Sharpening Compound, also known as buffing compound or rouge, it is specifically designed for powered leather strops. The compound should be applied as the belt runs on your sharpener or belt sander. The buffing compound melts slightly from the friction and applies a very thin layer to the leather stropping belt. The speed of the leather honing belt and cutting power of our compound, means it only takes a small amount to be effective
  • SUPER STROP LEATHER HONING BELT GUARANTEE | SUPER STROP Premium Leather Honing Belts are guaranteed against manufacturer defects, material defects & User Error. If your Leather Honing Belt overstretches, won't track straight, breaks or you accidentally or purposely cut the belt, we'll send an immediate replacement or give you a full refund. Leather is a natural product and can be unpredictable to work with, therefore we guarantee our leather honing belts from any imaginable defect.

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