Drop Off Sharpening Services At Weatherford Co. South Austin Texas

Sharpening Services at Weatherford Co. South Austin Texas

We are proud to partner with Weatherford Co. to extend our sharpening services to the customers of South Austin, TX.

Your items that need to be sharpened can be dropped off anytime during Weatherford Co.'s regular store hours. http://www.weatherfordco.com/

Weatherford Co. Store Hours

Monday          9AM–5:00PM                   

Tuesday         9AM–5:00PM

Wednesday    9AM–5:00PM

Thursday        9AM–5:00PM

Friday             9AM–5:00PM

Saturday        Closed

Sunday          Closed

 How it Works:

Weatherford is Currently accepting Chainsaw chains, Knives, Scissors, Tools and more for Sharpening. Visit Weatherford Co. for a complete list of items and pricing.

Simply take your items to Checkout counter, any one the friendly associates can check your sharpening order in. You'll receive a numbered ticket as your sharpening receipt. Your order will be picked up by Pro Sharpening Supply, LLC the Tuesday after you drop your items off. Your sharpening order will then be delivered back to the store the following Tuesday and will be ready to pick up. Items will be paid for when they are picked up

Pricing is competitive and straight forward. It should be easy to estimate your total cost. The only extra fees for your items may be a $3.00 repair fee for broken tips or large nicks.